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Expert support to understand your plan, achieve your goals and access supports you choice.

Support Coordination

Support Coordination and Specialist Support Coordination 

At Hope Ability, our support coordination team can assist you to understand your NDIS plan and access the services and supports you choose based on your individual needs.

By working with you to understand your goals and needs, your support coordinator helps to build your capacity and confidence to arrange and maintain your supports.

Hope Ability is registered to provide Level Two support coordination and Level Three specialist support coordination.

Our Hope Ability support coordination team can assist with:

  • Understanding your NDIS plan and how it can be used to achieve your goals

  • Connecting and referring you to service providers that meet your individual needs

  • Negotiating service quotes and organizing service agreements

  • Creating and maintaining budgets

  • Monitoring your plan expenditure

  • Managing changing support needs

  • Preparing for plan reassessments

For Level Three specialist support coordination, Hope Ability can assist with situations that are more complex and need specialist support. A specialist support coordinator will assist you to manage complex challenges in your support environment to ensure consistent delivery of service.

NDIS support coordinator completing tasks at a computer
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